Top Cities Where Renting Makes More Sense Than Buying

BY  ON OCTOBER 4, 2023

We’ve seen a number of these rent vs. buy stories over the years. says that making the leap to buying has gotten a lot harder as home prices and mortgage rates have skyrocketed. Click here to read more.

In fact, they say there aren’t many places left where buyers have lower monthly mortgage payments than what they would have paid renting.  With that in mind they put pen to paper to come up with the top markets to rent and the top markets where owning makes more sense. Either way, real estate investors are ready to meet those needs.

“The annual Rent vs. Buy analysis shows just how difficult it’s become for many first-time homebuyers across the country. That’s why we dug into the numbers to find the places where renters can save a few bucks (and we do mean a few) by buying, and where it’s still cheaper to remain a renter.”


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