Book List 4.6.20 #epicreia

Some of these books might have a PDF, audio, or ebook available online since libraries are closed. 

The Tipping Point- malcolm gladwell
Marketing outrageously- Jon Spoelstra
Why we want you to be rich- Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki
How come that idiots rich and I’m not? – Robert Shemin
Grunch of giants- R. Buckminster Fuller
The creature from Jekyll Island- G. Edward Griffin

Real Estate
Rich Dad Poor Dad (Recommend all books by Robert Kiyosaki)
Automatic Millionaire homeowner- David Bach
Multi Family Millions-Dave Lindahl
Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor- Robert Shemin (Recommend all books by Robert Shemin)
Flipping Properties- William Bronchick (Recommend all books by William Bronchick)

The magic of thinking big- David J. Schwartz
Think & grow rich- Napoleon Hill
The law of success- Napoleon Hill
As a man thinketh- James Allen
Who moved my cheese? – Spencer Johnson

Health & Prevention of Disease
Stress makes you fat wrinkled & dead- Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph
Eat to beat disease- Dr. William W. Li
Fit for life- Harvey & Marilyn Diamond
Crisis & opportunity- Dr. John Ikerd
Blessing the hands that feed us- Vicki Robin
The new organic grower – Eliot Coleman
Bringing it to the table: On farming and food- (Recommend all books by Wendell Berry)

Best Success-

Lacy O'Leary

El Paso Investors Club