Top 10 Most Affordable Retirement Towns

BY  ON OCTOBER 10, 2023 says retirement is a time for relaxation, for revitalization, for being around friends & loved ones, and for filling your days with the things you love most. Click here to read more.

Indeed…  And with that in mind they put pen to paper to come up with their list of 2023’s “Most Affordable Retirement Meccas.”

“Some of them you already know, but others are likely less familiar: From the powdered-sugar beaches of Florida to the expansive deserts of Arizona, and even stretching to the lush Pacific Northwest, these places offer plenty of amenities for seniors at prices that won’t deplete their nest eggs….”

“Many of these locations are close to health care facilities, offer a variety of recreational activities (beyond pickleball courts), and foster a strong sense of community…”

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