We’ve all heard the stories and the jokes about today’s young people (millennials, in particular) still living at home.  The folks over at VisualCapitalist recently put together an interactive map illustrating in which states these youngsters are still likely to be living at home.  They point out that an estimated 34.5% of young adults (ages 18-34 years old) in the U.S live at home – one of the highest percentages in recent memory.

Here are the five states with the highest proportion of young adults living at home:

Rank State Population (Young Adults) % Living at Home
#1 New Jersey 1.9 million 47.3%
#2 Connecticut 0.7 million 42.0%
#3 New York 4.5 million 40.5%
#4 Florida 4.3 million 40.0%
#5 California 9.4 million 39.3%


Click here to read the full story on Visual capitalilst.com.