Safeguard Your Real Estate Investments with Instant Term Life Insurance

BY  ON NOVEMBER 15, 2023

Jason K. Powers says for real estate investors, the balance of risk and reward is a daily consideration. While tangible assets like properties can seem like solid pillars in one’s investment portfolio, unforeseen circumstances can threaten the stability of even the most carefully laid plans. This is where “Instant Term Life Insurance” becomes an invaluable asset. Click here to read more.

Why Instant Term Life Insurance is Critical for Real Estate Investors:

Real estate investing is inherently linked with long-term planning. Whether you’re a seasoned investor with a diverse portfolio or just starting to dip your toes into the property market, the importance of securing your investments cannot be overstated. Instant Term Life Insurance is designed to provide rapid coverage for real estate investors, ensuring that their fiscal responsibilities are met, and their legacies are protected, even in the event of an unexpected tragedy.

Features of Instant Term Life Insurance:

National REIA has partnered with Unbridled Wealth & Jason K Powers to bring member their new Instant Term Life Insurance! This product stands out with its quick and hassle-free application process. Here’s what real estate investors can expect:

  • Speedy Enrollment: Say goodbye to lengthy applications and underwriting processes. Our instant policy is designed to get you covered swiftly so that you can focus on what you do best – investing.
  • Flexible Terms: We understand that each investor’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer flexible coverage options that cater to different investment scales and horizons.
  • Competitive Rates: Tailored specifically for real estate investors, our rates are competitive, providing you with the financial protection you need without undermining your investment returns.
  • Nationwide Coverage: No matter where your investments are in the 50 States, our coverage travels with you, offering a nationwide safety net.

Benefits for Real Estate Investors:

  • Asset Protection: Ensures that your investment properties are protected, avoiding forced sales or foreclosure in the event of your death, by having appropriate life insurance coverage for outstanding mortgage debts.
  • Estate Planning: Provides funds to pay estate taxes or settle debts, keeping your real estate holdings intact for your heirs.
  • Business Continuity: Offers the means to maintain business operations for your partners or successors, ensuring that your real estate ventures continue without financial interruption.
  • Debt Coverage: Can be used to pay off outstanding mortgages or loans tied to real estate investments, shielding your portfolio from debt liabilities.
  • Liquidity at Death: Delivers immediate cash to your estate, which can be crucial for handling maintenance costs, property taxes, or supporting ongoing development projects.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements: In the event of a death of one partner, funds from the policy can be used to purchase the deceased partner’s share of investment properties, which is essential for real estate partnerships.
  • Tax Benefits: The death benefit from a term life insurance policy is generally income tax-free, providing your beneficiaries with maximum financial benefits.
  • Collateral for Loans: Some investors may use their life insurance policy as collateral for loans, which can be used to further invest in real estate opportunities.
  • Flexible Investment Capital: The payout from a term life insurance can serve as a financial springboard for your beneficiaries to invest in new opportunities or expand existing holdings.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your investments and your loved ones are protected in case of any unforeseen events can give you the confidence to take on new ventures and grow your real estate portfolio.


Our Instant Term Life Insurance isn’t just a policy; it’s a strategic tool for real estate investors across the United States. It’s about securing your hard work and ensuring your investments stand the test of time, no matter what life throws your way.  Real estate investors understand the value of protection and planning. With our Instant Term Life Insurance, you can make sure that your assets, and your legacy, are always in good hands.  To learn more about how our product can be tailored to suit your investment strategy, visit


Jason K Powers is a Multi-Business Owner, Real Estate Investor and an Authorized IBC Practitioner. Jason works with clients across the country showing them how to achieve their financial goals by taking control of the banking function in their life and creating financial velocity that can last for generations.

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