REIA Member Fights County Assessments on Duplexes and Won

BY  ON AUGUST 15, 2023

Kansas City’s KCTV reports that a member of the Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors (MAREI) recently challenged the property tax assessments on his investment properties, and won! Click here to read more.

According to the report, John Welchert owns 2 side-by-side, identical duplexes that were valued at two different amounts.  Welchert appealed the values on the two duplexes (and his personal home) and was able to challenge the county’s comps and then found his own comps.

He’s baffled how his duplexes, which sit side by side, were valued differently. One rose in value to $321,000 and the other to $361,000. They were built the same year, sit side by side, and are even painted the same color. He claims the county representative struggled to figure out what took place, too.

“It’s horrible it’s so complicated,” Welchert said. “It’s a fiasco mess!”

John and the county settled on $172,00 for his duplexes. He also successfully lowered the assessment on his personal home, which went from $350,000 down to $243,000.

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