PwC’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2019

BY  ON OCTOBER 21, 2018


PwC recently released their 40th annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate, one of the most highly regarded forecast reports for the real estate and land use industry.  The report contains extensive insight & analysis on industry trends and developments based on an extensive survey, multiple interviews and individual market focus groups.  Their publication is highlighted by its closely watched list of top emerging cities nationwide which includes their top 10 markets for real estate investors in 2019.  Bottom-line: this report is chock full of information affecting all areas of real estate across the nation.

“…2019 could be an exciting year for real estate. Now more than ever, real estate is viewed as a more mature asset class, fueled by the continued allocation of capital to real estate funds. Over the last several decades, we have seen the emergence of a number of different real estate investment vehicles, such as REITs, real estate private equity funds, commercial mortgage backed securities, mortgage debt funds, and crowd sourced investments.”


Emerging Trends in Real Estate’s 10 markets for real estate investors in 2019

1. Dallas/Fort Worth

2. Brooklyn, N.Y.

3. Raleigh-Durham, N.C.

4. Orlando

5. Nashville

6. Austin

7. Boston

8. Denver

9. Charlotte, N.C.

10. Tampa Bay

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