21% of Americans Currently Use Self Storage

BY  ON MAY 17, 2023

Storage.com says the storage industry has been trending for a while has momentum. In fact, their data say 21% of Americans use self storage in one form or another. In addition, there are plans to add close to 53 million more square feet of storage space in 2023. Click here to read more.

In their recent report, they surveyed users about why they use self storage, what they keep there, what types of unit they use, and more.  The most common item in storage? Furniture.  Indeed…

“…Much of the new clientele that discovered the usefulness of the service and amplified demand during the pandemic have continued to rely on self storage in its aftermath. The increase in employment flexibility – with many people now working from home or from co-working spaces – have acted as additional pressure points for home spaces, adding to the traditional storage needs…”

storage use by generation

Click here to read the full report at Storagecage.com.

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