Top 20 Retirement Hotspots in America

BY  ON JANUARY 12, 2023

StorageCafe reminds us that over 10k people turn 65 every day. With that in mind the crunched the numbers to determine the best retirement destinations in the nation. Click here to read more.

Some might surprise you and some will be familiar.  Top get their list they look at the country’s 100 largest metros to find those that would be a good a fit for a retirement-age person, the chances of their easily integrating into the local community, and the proportion of its residents are aged over 65 as well the area’s life expectancy.

A few key points:

  • Half of the US’s best retirement destinations are in the Northeast
  • Florida boasts two of the top three metropolitan areas for retirees
  • Ohio’s Cleveland-Elyria is the US’s second-placed large metro for retirees

“While it comes as no surprise that seniors enjoy Florida’s beachside hotspots, with Cape Coral-Fort Myers and North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton both medaling, places to the north and east fill most of the top 20 positions: the metros centered on New York, Albany, Bridgeport and Providence — not to mention several in Ohio and Wisconsin — all offer retirees a great array of advantages. The West of the country is represented by California’s Oxnard and Texas’s most retiree-friendly metropolitan area is El Paso.”

Top 20 Retirement Hotspots in the US

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