Top 10 Emerging Real Estate Markets in Q3 2022


As we’re rounding third and heading for home to close out this year, says “forget simple curb appeal” there are affordable real estate markets that offer some much-needed relief from soaring prices and punishing inflation that are attracting homebuyers.  Click here to read more.

To get their magic list, analyzed the 300 largest metropolitan areas seeking to identify which might be strong in the coming months, looking at items such as a thriving local economy, low unemployment, competitive wages, short commutes, and easy access to recreational activities.  Indeed…So, where are these red-hot real estate destinations?

“Compared to a year ago, home prices are still up. But winter shoppers will see lower prices than we saw this summer…On top of that, shoppers in some markets may find sellers who are more willing to negotiate on price or other contract terms than they have been in recent years, especially for a home that has been on the market for a longer period of time.”  Said Danielle Hale, chief economist at

Top 10 emerging real estate markets in Q3, 2022:

  1. Johnson City, TN                    $379,000
  2. Visalia, CA                               $400,000
  3. Elkhart, IN                               $257,000
  4. North Port, FL                        $548,000
  5. Fort Wayne, IN                       $300,000
  6. Lafayette, IN                           $291,000
  7. Columbia, SC                          $309,000
  8. Columbia, MO                        $347,000
  9. Raleigh, NC                             $463,000
  10. Yuma, AZ                                 $315,000

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