The Push to Eliminate Illinois’ Ban on Rent Control Grows

BY  ON AUGUST 9, 2022

On a recent episode of WTTW’s Chicago Tonight, a discussion ensued about how groups of local tenants are unionizing in hopes of pushing for an end to the state rent control ban that was passed back in 1997. Jane Garvey, President of the Chicago Creative Investors Association, joined a round-table discussion to debate the issue and offer valuable insights. Click here to read more

Jane Garvey of Chicago Creative Investors Association says landlords work based on supply and demand.  “We’re facing tremendous increases in costs on all fronts. We’re also facing tremendous increases in risk,” Garvey said. She added that in her view, the real problem behind skyrocketing rental prices is the lack of housing.”

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If you’re in Chicagoland, click here to learn more about the Chicago Creative Investors Association.


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