Ten Features that Sell Homes for More than Expected

BY  ON MARCH 24, 2022

According to Zillow’s 2022 Home Features That Sell report, listings that feature amenities associated with energy efficiency and sustainability can help a home sell faster. Click here to read more.

To get their data, Zillow looked at nearly 230 features and design terms mentioned in listing descriptions for 3.1 million home sales in 2020 and 2021.

Some addiitonal findings:

  • A broadband internet connection and other remote work-friendly features can help a home sell for up to 2.5% more than expected.
  • Homes with retreat spaces, such as a “she shed” or meditation room, can sell for around 2% more.
  • Drought-resistant landscaping can help a home sell as much as 10 days faster.

“While the world slowly exits the pandemic, this data provides some insight into the new normal. Our lives now revolve around where we live, as opposed to where we work. It’s a realignment with wide-ranging impacts, including these changing home preferences that put value on function over style.”  Said Amanda Pendleton, Zillow’s home trends expert.

Zillow’s top 10 features that sell homes for more than expected

Click here to read the full report at Zillow.

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