Rentcafe’s Top 20 Best College Towns in America

BY  ON FEBRUARY 27, 2024

Rentcafe says their list of America’s best college towns offer a balance between a great education, high quality of life and affordability. They based their ranking on 12 different metrics, including cost of living, tuition fees, graduation rates, natural amenities, air quality, entertainment options and many more. Click here to read more.

In addition, they these towns promise a good & vibrant life while offering the thrill of the academic experience.  Indeed…Sounds like a good sales pitch.

“Picture this: Crisp fall days spent exploring mountain trails, the smell of fresh coffee as you enter your favorite cafe, and long conversations on campus grounds as ideas flow and friendships are forged. Your college experience isn’t just about classes. It’s also about the town that shapes you. Are you ready to fall in love with your college experience? If so, explore our list of the best college towns, where the promise of a good and vibrant life meets the thrill of the academic experience.”

rentcafe's best college towns

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