More Homeowners are Holing up in Bunkers & Safe Rooms

BY  ON APRIL 11, 2024

A recent story from that says more homeowners are installing bunkers and safe rooms in their homes. Click here to read more.

They say with a growing list of global & domestic concerns, people are reaching out to bunker and safe room companies about installing them in their homes.  Interesting they report that officials from these companies say interest is up 30% to 50% this year alone.

“You have people who feel unsafe, and the politics definitely play a huge role,” says Bill Fulton, co-author of “Survive and Thrive: How To Prepare for Any Disaster Without Ammo, Camo, or Eating Your Neighbor.” “People actually believe that if someone from the opposite party is elected, then life as they know it is over.”

Click here to read the full story at

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