Is Your Rental Applicant Hiding Behind an Alias?

BY  ON OCTOBER 6, 2022

On a recent episode of the Rent Perfect podcast David Pickron says one thing that is critical to being a successful landlord is knowing exactly who is applying as a tenant for your property. Click here to read more.

Rent Perfect President David Pickron discusses why having an investigative background check, including all known aliases, is so important when onboarding a new tenant.  So, is your applicant hiding behind an alias?

Rent Perfect is the solution rental property owners & managers have been crying out for! Their Online Lease Agreement allows you to send your tenant(s) a customized lease agreement, electronically & securely. They offer the most accurate & thorough credit & background screening available. Members of National REIA receive a discounted set up fee.

Click here to listen on Spotify.

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