Georgia Governor Signs Bill Making Squatting a Crime

BY  ON APRIL 30, 2024

Following on the heels of Florida, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp recently signed legislation which would allow property owners to go after squatters for damages, in addition to speeding up the eviction process. Click here to read more.

The new law is called the Georgia Squatter Reform Act and squatting would make squatting a misdemeanor criminal offense, punishable by a year in jail.

According to Bill Track 50:

“…The Act defines unlawful squatting as when an individual resides on another’s land or premises without their knowledge or permission. Violators will receive a citation, giving them three business days to present proof such as a lease or rental agreement confirming their authorization to be on the premises. If they cannot provide such proof, they are subject to arrest and could face misdemeanor charges. The bill also extends the jurisdiction of magistrates to include these violations and modifies proceeders against intruders. The reform provides a streamlined process for ejecting squatters, including a submission of property affidavit, setting a time frame for eviction, and provisions for the use of monetary relief…”

“Unfortunately, bad actors have figured out ways to take advantage of this, exploit, really the process that goes through the local government. So we’re passing legislation that I’m going to sign right after this interview to stiffen the penalties, to go after these folks, to also speed up the eviction process. But, also, allow the property owner to go after these squatters for damages,” Said Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

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