Businesses are Relocating to the South

BY  ON APRIL 7, 2022

We have seen the posts about Americans moving at a rapid pace to areas in the South & West that have better all-around climates. A new report from FOX Business says the “Sun Belt” is becoming a hot spot for business relocation. Click here to red more.

Companies all across the fruited plain are cutting costs by moving south.  They point out how this race towards the South is actually fueling a housing boom in Texas,

Jeff Holzmann is the CEO of IRM Services, an asset management company. He says the move from The New York-New Jersey area to Dallas has saved the company millions in under two years.  “I would say that on a per-foot basis, per employee we pay about 60% down here in Dallas where I am today compared to what we would pay in New Jersey, and it’s even less if we were comparing to our New York City/Manhattan offices,”

businesses are relocating to the southClick here to read the full story at FOX Business.

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