Workers Fleeing Big Cities for Smaller Ones and Taking Jobs with Them


We have seen this data pop up before.  People are moving away from expensive, high-tax, over-regulated states to places with overall better climates.  However, a recent story in the Wall Street Journal (reposted on takes a look at a trend among more-mobile workers who are moving to smaller cities and taking their jobs with them.

“One of the bummers is that they are not necessarily joining the workforce,” said Sheila Smith, a real-estate agent in Boise. Many of the out-of-town arrivals she sells to work from home or commute to jobs in distant cities, she said.

“People who do their jobs from home, freelance or constantly travel for work are migrating away from expensive urban centers such as Los Angeles and San Francisco toward cheaper cities including Boise; Denver; Austin, Texas; and Portland, Ore…”

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