San Antonio Express-News: Security guards monitor the perimeter of a facility, which was formerly a Walmart in Brownsville, TX.

Every area has them…..empty “big box” stores.  Whether they were a Walmart or a Kroger’s there’s usually one thing for certain;  they generally sit empty for a long time and are often eyesores to the community.  A recent article in Texas’ San Antonio Express-Newsdiscusses an unlikely use for these shuttered spaces (that has also generated some controversy) as detention centers for illegals.

While this is certainly one way to repurpose a nonproducing asset, it was completely unforeseen:

“According to a special warranty deed, Walmart placed restrictions on the property forbidding the space from being used as a grocery store, supermarket, wholesale club similar to a Sam’s Club, discount store, pharmacy, adult book or adult video store, bar or nightclub, among other uses….In several tweets, Walmart has said it was “really disturbed by how our former store is being used … we had no idea it’d be used for this.”

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