RPOA’s Rental Property OWNER & Real Estate INVESTOR Podcast hosted by Brian Hamrick

In a recent RPOA podcast, Brian Hamrick talks with Frederick Kidd about nuts & bolts techniques involved in successful short-term rental investing – especially when some owners are getting 3 to 4 times what they would be making from a long-term rental. But, as Brian points out, for every investor who’s making a killing with their short-term rental, there’s another investor who either hasn’t gotten started or is losing money because they’re doing it wrong.  Frederick Kidd shares his best practices for managing short-term rentals remotely, finding the right team members, understanding the expenses, getting the 5-star ratings from guests, communicating effectively when problems occur, and the top things you must do to be successful.  If you’re interested in getting into this market this podcast is a great place to start.