New-Home Price Data Reveals Affordability Problems


The NAHB’s Eye on Housing is reporting that there is a mismatch between the actual prices of new homes and the prices buyers expect to pay, which they say is further evidence of the growing problem of housing affordability.  Using data from the Census Bureau and HUD, the NAHB says that while the median sales price of single-family homes started in 2018 was under $322k their data (from the 2019 edition of What Home Buyers Really Want) show that the median price buyers expect to pay is around $254k.  Indeed…

“The reasons for this mismatch at the low end are not mysterious. Factors such as the ongoing shortages of labor and lots, and escalating regulatory costs  have made it difficult to impossible to produce a new home at these lower price ranges. This obviously is forcing a significant share of buyers into the market for existing homes only”

Click here to read the full report at the NAHB’s Eye on Housing.