Letter from EPIC 3.25.20

Dear EPIC Members and guests-
As of March 24th, the city of El Paso ordered only essential businesses to remain open.

Just to be clear, we believe everyone is essential.

The following classes and meetings are postponed until further notice:
EPIC Deal Night scheduled March 31.
Beginners Real Estate Investing Series Class 1-5 scheduled April 1-May 6.
While we are disappointed to have to postpone these meetings, your health and well-being is most important, we are looking forward to rescheduling soon.
In an effort to alleviate some of the mounting fear and panic, I have included a link by one of our colleagues to help educate on boosting the immune system.

At El Paso Investors Club, we think your financial health is equally important as your physical health.
Take some of the extra time you have now to read, as always, I highly recommend all books by Robert Kiyosaki.
For those that are unfamiliar with Robert, here is an excellent introduction:
Robert Kiyosaki

If you’re not already homeschooling, there are many support groups with tips and creative activities to help you while school is out and remember to have fun with your kids!

I have created a book list that will be posted within the next couple of days. It includes Business, Real Estate, Mindset, Health & Prevention of Disease.

Wishing you the very best-

Lacy O’Leary, Founder