Legislative update: Implementation of Fair Housing Act's Disparate Impact Standard (FR-6111-A-01)

Legislative update:
Implementation of Fair Housing Act's Disparate Impact Standard

After years of urging, the Department of Housing and Urban Development
(HUD) is now considering changes to its "disparate impact" fair housing
rule. For rental property owners and managers, disparate impact means
that seemingly neutral and common business practices, such as criminal
background screening, credit screening and Section 8 voucher policies,
among others, could trigger discrimination claims despite there being no
intent to discriminate on the part of the owner or manager. HUD is
looking for public input on the rule and we need your help in
making the voice of the rental housing industry heard loud and clear.

IN ADDITION, If you have had a personal experience with the disparate impact rule or its effects on one of your business' policies or practices, we want to hear from you directly. Please contact [email protected]