Is Creative Financing the Solution You’ve Been Looking For?


When I first got started in real estate I kind of had no idea what I was doing.  I jumped in whole honcho, spent every dime of my life savings, was even able to get my brother to give me his too, bought houses, made sales, and went flat broke.  It took that hard knock for me to realize that there had to be another way of doing real estate.  I needed a method that let me keep my money (and let my brother keep his…), and did not require for me to take out a mortgage.  Enter creative financing….

It was not too long after I hit the wall that a fellow investor took my under his wing.  He invited me to come to one of his seminars, which was a real stretch for me with the $75 price tag, but I went anyway.  It was there that my eyes were opened.  I started learning about all sorts of ways to finance properties that I had never heard before: lease options, seller financing, private money lenders, wholesaling, and on the list goes.  I had no idea that this whole other world even existed!  Maybe you are in a similar situation.  If so, there are three great options to check out to get you started.

#1 Seller Financing:  Instead of working the traditional path of finding houses that currently have a mortgage, focus your efforts on the houses that are likely free and clear.  Ideally, the current owner pays nothing on the property except for property taxes.  This means that there is an excellent opportunity that you can work out a deal with the seller where they act as the lender and you pay them every month to ultimately pay off the agreed upon amount in a predetermined period of time. THIS IS GOLD!!!

#2 Lease Options/Rent-to-Own:  This is a technique for your buyer, which is excellent if they are not sure whether or not they really want to buy the house just yet (or are not able to secure a mortgage loan).  When worked out in union with seller financing, the buyer’s agreement with you will ultimately pay for your monthly amount to the seller, and then some.

#3 Wholesaling:  This option really allows you to remain fairly hands off from the whole transaction.  You find the deal (a motivated seller), you make the deal, but then you find another end-buyer investor who wants to close the deal.  Then, you get paid a “finder’s fee,” of sorts, for your work and trouble.  This can be whatever you decide, but it’s usually a few thousand dollars or more.  The best part – you never actually own the property.

When I learned about creative financing, it turned around my entire experience with real estate.  I went from flat broke to making over $140,000 in the next 9 months with only 14 sales!  This is why I am so passionate about teaching other women all about creative financing with First Deal Done Fast.  I LOVE seeing the wheels starting to churn and the light bulbs turning on.

When you’re ready to learn about creative financing keep in mind that there are a whole bunch of other ways to get creative.  Start studying and researching what options exist.  Make sure you are aware of your states laws and regulations.  Get knowledgeable and informed, always.  Find seminars, conferences, and courses to teach you what you need to know.  Then, get to work.  Whichever one you choose and sounds right for you, this is always the path for success.  It cannot be skipped, nor glossed over.  Learn, learn, learn, and action.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Now, get to it!


Whitney Nicely rejected the southern girl path of working at her family’s trucking business and embraced the life of an investor.  Her first nine months made her over $140,000, and set her on the path to empowering other women to break into the real estate “good ole boys club” and break down barriers while making some serious cash.  If you’d like to get started, or want to find out more about what I teach, click here to set up a time to chat or visit to learn more.