How Millennial Homebuyers Plan to Pay Their Mortgages

BY  ON AUGUST 8, 2019

Redfin says that millennial homebuyers are less likely to undertake creative measures to help pay for their mortgage.  According to their research, only 51% said they’d use a creative strategy to help buy their new home versus 60% who would, just one year ago.   To get their data, Redfin surveyed over 2k people who planned to buy or sell a home over the next 12 months, zeroing-in those born between 1981 & 1986 (millennials).  Indeed…

“Millennial homebuyers in 2019 are less likely to take extraordinary measures to afford their mortgage payments, such as getting help from their parents or co-ownership with someone other than a spouse or partner, than they were last summer.” 

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