How Does a Crisis Affect Your Investment?

BY  ON APRIL 1, 2020

Managing your properties during any crisis is a challenge, let alone the current Coronavirus pandemic we're experiencing. On a recent episode of the Rent Perfect Podcast, David Pickron talks with longtime property manager and seasoned housing provider Anne McCawley about how to manage your properties during a time of crisis. Anne gives great insight on how to plan for and maneuver through these challenging times. Click here to read more.

Editor’s note:  National REIA encourages housing providers to have individual plans to work with their residents during this unprecedented crisis.  They remind members that there is no standardized solution or “one approach fits all” in this situation.  The best strategy, and National REIA’s recommendation, is for owners, managers and residents to work together to find the optimal solution.  Providing a safe and secure home for all of our residents is our primary focus.


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