We’ve seen it before….there can be treasures or even crazy things hidden in the walls of your next flip.   Now we’ve come across a story from Kansas City’s Fox4 about a homeowner having some rehab work down on her house.  When the workers were doing some tuck-pointing on an exterior column, they discovered a trove containing hundreds of 70+ year-old beer cans, whiskey & bourbon bottles, and assorted spirits.  Apparently a former resident from the 1940’s didn’t want anyone to know about their drinking habit so they created a secret chute to hide their evidence in a porch column.

“It was a jackpot of 1940s — every variety of whiskey and bourbon you can imagine. Tons of old vintage beer cans. Many of them in amazing condition,” Molder said. “There’s collectors and now, overnight, I have an extensive collection.”


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