As any landlord can tell you, bed bugs are no stranger to a real estate investor’s world.  Pest fighters Terminix remind us that with one of the busiest travel days of the year approaching travelers need to be mindful about the risks of picking up bed bugs while out and about. To that end they put together their top 25 cities where “bed bugs are crawling.”  To come up with their list, they looked at service data from over 300 Terminix branches across the country with the highest number of bed-bug control services.

‘Contrary to their name, these bloodsucking insects can be found in many household objects, including curtain rods and even behind baseboards or switch plates. The bugs are also expert hitchhikers and can spread by being on or in consumers’ belongings as they go about their daily activities using mass transit, staying in hotels and moving around the country through airports.’

Investors across America know that early detection is the key to stopping an infestation.  And, the best way to detect bed bugs is with Clearvue traps.  Their simple to use devices provide the most effective detection & protection against the growing threat of bed bugs on the market today.

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