CDC to Order Temporary Halt in Nationwide Evictions to Prevent the Further Spread of COVID-19


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is planning to temporarily halt residential evictions nationwide for individuals earning less than $99k/year to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading, according to an unnamed senior administration official. Click here to read more.

Bloomberg says the government is using its quarantine authority to “keep renters in their homes during the coronavirus pandemic as a way to prevent an eviction crisis that could worsen economic strains.”   As this is a developing story, National REIA is closing following the issue and will keep members apprised.

“National REIA is extremely concerned about the development of this new edict and will be working toward a better resolution.” Said Charles Tassell, COO of  REIA.  “Make your voice heard by elected officials by clicking here.”

CNBC’s Diana Olick said an “open door for fraud” is certainly a potential issue as eligible recipients do not have to provide proof when they fill out the necessary online paperwork to opt-in to the program.  The only qualifications (as of this writing) are earning less than $99k per year ($198k jointly for couples) or having received a stimulus check under the CARES Act.  Stay tuned….


Click here to read the full story at Bloomberg

Click here to watch the video at CNBC.

Click here to download a PDF of the new rules from the CDC.