Backyard Shed in San Diego Rents for $1050 per Month

BY  ON OCTOBER 7, 2019

The free market is a wonderful thing but, as we’ve now seen in California, the politicians have put so many restrictions on providing affordable housing that a backyard shed in San Diego is renting for just over $1k per month.  According to the listing on Zumper (as reported by FOX News) a 200 sq. foot “studio” (looks like a shed to us), located in one of San Diego’s most walkable neighborhoods,  is renting for $1,050 per month!  The rental comes with plumbing, bathroom & shower, kitchen (with a small refrigerator and stove), laminate flooring and even has air-conditioning….but no parking space.  Be sure to check out the Zumper listing for more photos.  Maybe this is what they call an “old school” tiny-house?

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Click here to see the rental listing on Zumper.