August's Hottest Markets are Some You've Never Heard of


As we close out another summer, has come in with their list of the hottest markets from August – and some of them are in places  you might not be able to find on a map.  They say the hottest real estate markets in America are smaller cities that might lack name recognition but make up for it in affordability and cheaper alternatives to larger & pricier cities.  Indeed…  

“Smaller markets with smaller price tags continue to heat up feverishly,” says Javier Vivas,’s director of economic research. “Buyers have more success in markets that have plentiful supplies of homes below $200,000 in the Northeast and the Midwest. In the West and the Southwest, we’re seeing alternatives to the pricey, larger cities make the list.”

Their list:

Metro Rank (August 2019) Rank (August 2018)  
Fort Wayne, IN 1 13  
Pueblo, CO 2 2  
Midland, TX 3 1  
Rochester, NY 4 5  
Columbus, OH 5 9  
Buffalo, NY 6 48  
Lafayette, IN 7 23  
Kennewick, WA 8 75  
Spokane, WA 9 21  
Manchester, NH 10 29  
Janesville-Beloit, WI 11 2  
Vallejo-Fairfield, CA 12 10  
Akron, OH 13 35  
Dayton, OH 14 16  
Stockton-Lodi, CA 15 15  
Burlington, NC 16 53  
Canton-Massillon, OH 17 38  
Bakersville, CA 18 54  
Yuba City, CA 19 21  
Monroe, MI 20 20

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