We have seen a lot of “airbnb-like” sites pop up over the years – for things like camping, hunting & fishing, and even one where you can sleep on a boat. Now we’ve come across a platform where you lease your farmland (or find some land to lease).  It’s called Tillable, and they will help you get a fair-market offer on renting your land for the next growing season.  They say they will “handle all the details, ensuring farm data is tracked and the land is treated with respect.”   Tillable also says it improves farm management with their digital leases, automated payments, and data collection which gives farmers an opportunity to expand their operations.  Indeed…Do you have any land you want to rent out???

“…Farmland is a finite resource. We care deeply about shining a light on its true value, and protecting it for years to come. By addressing the inefficiencies and lack of information in the $32 billion farmland rental market, Tillable enables landowners to make better decisions about their farmland assets, and encourages farmers to expand operations responsibly. As a result, farms thrive through more careful stewardship and improved productivity. And when farms thrive, the people who own and care for the land thrive, too.”

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