The American Bankers Association recently released their top 10 real estate finance policy issues to watch in 2019.  Briefly, they are:

  1. Ability to repay
  2. HMDA (Home Mortgage Disclosure Act ) reforms
  3. Fair lending
  4. Appraisal thresholds
  5. ADC construction opportunities
  6. Mortgage servicing regulations
  7. Accounting standards and mortgage lending
  8. Reforming the GSEs
  9. Flood insurance
  10. Digital developments and fintech

“The real estate finance business has been steering through continuous change for a full decade. The 2008 housing meltdown precipitated a set of policy changes that sparked legal, procedural and structural transformations throughout the market. Even commercial real estate lending, largely immune from heavy regulatory scrutiny, is being affected. As we look towards the coming year, we see continued movement and even more reforms…”

Click here to read the full story at the Banking Journal.