A Surge in Foreclosures?

BY  ON AUGUST 12, 2020

Are we about to face a surge in foreclosures next year resulting from delinquencies brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic? On a recent episode of Real Estate News for Investors, Kathy Fettke takes a look at a recent report from ATTOM Data that is forecasting a dramatic rise in foreclosures by Q2 of 2021. Click here to read more.

She does however, point out that there are a number of unknown variables that may help or hinder this potential deluge – including Congressional action (or inaction), high unemployment numbers as well as a presidential election this Fall.  Indeed…

“We still have several months of uncertainty ahead of us that includes a presidential election, but the foreclosure situation is something that real estate investors should keep on their radar.”


Click here to read the transcript at RealWealthNetwork.com.